How Do Voluntary Benefits Work

How Do Voluntary Benefits Work

They offset the costs that primary insurance doesn’t cover

BEC Insurance Offers Benefits With Education

We Will Show You How To Get The Most Out Of Your Benefits Package
  • Dental Insurance

    Remember losing a tooth when you were a kid? The tooth fairy would visit, and you would make money out of our misfortune!  As an adult, it’s not as simple. Without a dental plan, you’re the one who pays when you and your family need good dental care.
  • Disability Insurance

    Your paycheck is your BIGGEST asset. Disability will continue to pay a portion of your paycheck in the event of an off the job accident or sickness.

  • Accident Insurance

    When accidents strike- medical insurance only makes sure the doctor and hospital receives money.  You are often left with out of pocket expenses that are not covered by major medical. Accident policy will provide lump sum benefits to offset these costs.

  • Hospital Insurance

    This helps with the costs of any hospital stays you may have

  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance isn’t for you.  It’s for those your leave behind.  It helps ensure that your loved ones will be provided for financially when you die.  Provide peace of mind.

  • Vision Insurance

    You can never see into the future. However vision insurance  can help you budget the cost of eye exams, prescription eye glasses and contact lenses.

  • Critical Illness Insurance

    No one knows what lies ahead on the road through life.  Critical illness pays lump sum benefit for major events such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other critical illnesses .

  • Telemedicine

    Get diagnosed and prescribed treatment by physicians using telecommunications

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Maximize Your Benefits

You could have a great benefits package, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to use it? HR departments are great at finding benefits, but they can’t always show you how to use the benefits they find for you. BEC Insurance educates you on how to use your benefits to get the most out of them.

We are experts in all aspects of voluntary benefits. By combining our knowledge with our unique approach, we are able to provide comprehensive benefit packages that really work for employees because we provide them support. Contact us today to learn more about our benefit packages.